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Debit Card Processing

Accept Debit Cards at Great Rates and Increase Sales

Debit Card Payment Processing

Accept Debit Card Payments

Pivotal Payments gives you a cost-effective solution to accept debit cards. Our state-of-the-art terminals give you the opportunity to accept credit and debit card payments anytime, anywhere.

A POS terminal that pays for itself? Turn your machine into a mini-ATM by charging shoppers a surcharge of your choice on debit transactions, making paying off your point-of-sale hardware a snap!

  • Debit card acceptance with aggressive merchant discount rates
  • Optional debit surcharge fee on POS terminal transactions
  • Countertop, Wireless, and Internet Solutions

Business-specific solutions:

Countertop Terminals Wireless Terminal
Simple, flexible and secure solution for businesses looking for a no-fuss countertop point-of-sale payment terminal. Dial and IP models, with external PIN pad. Locations that require a cordless solution such as restaurants, hair salons or delivery companies. High-speed transactions and extra-long battery life.


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